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How Can Digital Badges and Portfolios Show Proficiency?
Wed., Apr 26, 2017

Virtual Lockers and College Admissions
Tue., Feb 21, 2017
Are you ready for the newest changes in college admissions? A group of prominent colleges called the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success are now allowing students to create virtual lockers to contain theit best work. This session addresses the key issues:
  • What can go into a virtual locker?
  • How do students decide what work is 'portfolio-worthy'?
  • How do virtual lockers fit with what students and teachers already do in high school?

Digital Badges and Portfolios
Tue., Jan 31, 2017
Digital Badges are an exciting way for students to show their progress and for schools to implement competency-based teaching and learning.

Digital Badges help increase student engagement, record achievements and measure students' skills and readiness. But how does a school community come to agreement about what it means to earn each badge and how do badges connect to our current school or state requirements?

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