How can students earn badges with Project Based Learning?

Join us for a complementary webinar session on

Thursday, November 14, 3:00 pm Eastern Time 

    In this webinar, we will illustrate how students learn the skills they will need to be successful in a profession they have chosen. Richer Picture's templates are designed to help students accomplish projects by setting up key milestones and that help guide them through the process. Progress is easily tracked and accessible all in one place. Teachers can also generate reports and track student progress to identify where students may need help. 

      Project Based Learning prepares students for life beyond high school. The webinar will answer the following:

      • How does PBL affect student learning and motivation?
      • How do teachers track student progress and improve upon student learning based on the data?
      • What projects will provide the best learning outcomes for students?

      Interested in learning more about how Project Based Learning inspires students to put their best effort into their work?

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