Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios makes an important and timely contribution to the field.David Niguidula offers practical and proven tools and processes for assessing, documenting and communicating learning on all outcomes that matter, not just those that are easiest to test and grade.

-Jay Mctighe
Educational Author and Consultant

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Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios

By David Niguidula

In Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios , David Niguidula shows how students can meet standards and express their individuality through digital badges and portfolios. Building off an essential question - What do schools want their students to know and be able to do? - he then shows how schools can implement a proficiency-based approach to student learning that has been successfully field-tested in districts across the United States.

In manageable steps, readers are guided through the implementation process.

Niguidula shows readers how to:

  • Connect standards to badges.
  • Create portfolio worthy tasks.
  • Develop common rubrics and a common understanding of what work is considered "good enough"
  • Guide students in curating the elements of their portfolios.
  • Promote authentic student reflection on their work.