Summer 2020 - Earning Badges for Summer Learning


This summer, helping students continuing to learn is more crucial than ever. Community organizations, colleges and school districts are providing terrific opportunities for students to explore, learn and have fun!


Richer Picture is supporting EduvateRI's Digital Badging Pilot where up to a dozen different community program providers are adding digital badges to their student's summer experience. As students go through the program, they will be able to document what they have learned to earn badges. Each badge is connected to state educational standards, and can be shared with their school districts.


Throughout the upcoming school year, students can refer to their badges and link their "real-world" experiences with their Individual Learning Plans and demonstrate their mastery.


If you want to set this up for your community, please fill out the form on this page. We'll be glad to talk to you about how this can work for your students and your community!


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